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We’re smart, observant, engaging women who like to think, learn and meet your objectives.

Terri Palma Chief Everything Officer
Terri has built her career of 30+ years on the conduct of Qualitative Marketing Research. She possesses a wealth of experience in the process and analysis of insights discovery, with special expertise in the art and science of qualitative methodologies. She is known for skillful (often brilliant) moderating and clear, well-considered analysis.
Christina Broat Vice President, Insights Strategist
Christina brings energy, passion and a fresh perspective to Qualitative Research. She has been an integral member of the Palma Companies team for over a decade. She is bright, insightful, and a strong moderator. Christina is Palma Companies’ resident trend tracker and has her finger on the pulse of what’s new and now – whether that’s technology, social marketing, or the most recent development in the culinary world.
Our Philosophy
We are effective.
You'll always get the answers you're looking for and maybe even a few nuggets of truth you didn't know you needed.
We are smart.
In addition to findings from the research we conduct, you can count on insights about what those findings mean for you and your company.
We are transparent.
We're going to be honest with you about our findings, our methodology, and what we think is best for you.
We are flexible.
Whether it’s guiding an impromptu follow-up discussion, changing an activity mid-group to make it more effective or even re-purposing groups before they start, we work well on the fly to get what you need.
We are a lot of fun.
We always find a way to laugh amid the listening and learning because people are interesting, no matter what side of the mirror they’re on.
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Serious Research. Never Boring.
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