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For over 30 years, clients from Fortune 500 firms have contracted with Palma Companies to add consumer insight and strategic intelligence to a wide range of business issues. The result has been better business decisions for our clients … and a lot of knowledge for us.
A sampling of some primary Project Objectives:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Advertising Campaign Assessments
  • Marketing Communications
  • Positioning and Re-Positioning
  • Consumer Product Development
  • Business Services Development
  • Idea Generation
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Customer Service and Satisfaction
  • Employee Input / Team Consensus
We learn something from every person we talk to (consumers and clients alike) and we glean insights about the values held by people in different regions of the country (and within different corporate cultures). These lessons invariably shape and enrich our perspectives, adding value to each ensuing project and perspective.

Clients / Case Studies

  • Restaurants
  • Packaged Snacks
  • Small Business
  • Advertising
Working to differentiate in a sea of sameness, our clients wanted new menu items and a refreshed restaurant experience to set them apart from the competition.
Conducted three Integrated Ideation sessions with internal thought leaders, industry experts and creative consumers – to identify new menu item options. Developed product concepts, refined them in focus groups and moved them into quantitative screening.
In conjunction with product development, conducted on-site in-depth interviews with customers in the client’s restaurants and their competitors – to determine first-hand what customers notice, value and acknowledge as key brand communicators.
Created a pipeline of customer-approved menu item ideas and prioritized capital expenditures on in-restaurant improvements.
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The maker of multiple salty snacks needed to speak clearly to the specific targets for a large portfolio of brands, each providing similar products.
Conducted 250 In Depth Interviews with loyal users of 7 specific brands, over the course of 18 months. Created clearly defined profiles of specific consumer segments, based on differentiated Core Values.
Defining the psychological and lifestyle relationships held in common by clear-cut consumer segments led to targeted communications and messaging, based on making emotional connections with the customer – speaking their language and placing the brands in appropriate contexts for their lives.
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Situation 1
A regional player in cooked, packaged meat needed help with key communications and packaging implications.
Solution 1
A small-scale qualitative study (3 groups, 1 market) was undertaken, with a myriad of stimulus points and a variety of tactical questions – interpreted through the lens of 30 years’ experience.
With defined communication points, clarity on package graphics and design, the product re-launched with confidence and met with enthusiastic consumer acceptance.
Situation 2
A regional player in storage facilities faced a downturn in demand coupled with increased competition. Company owners were uncertain of several possible marketing solutions.
Solution 2
A series of in-depth interviews with company principals and employees (low cost, high impact) – followed by 2 focus groups (one with users of the subject facility, the other with people who chose a competitor) revealed the driving force in choice.
Company leadership was able to align on a focused marketing strategy and the company enjoyed the strongest financial increase in company history.
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Agencies often need to understand the people they are speaking with through ads and other media touchpoints. The desire to hear the language, understand the needs and be clear about the effectiveness of developing ads can happen at any point in the process – from the planning stage to fine-tuning final rough cuts.
Through intelligent use of qualitative techniques, we engage the customer in an honest conversation and help our clients think strategically about the issues at hand. Our approach is fluid, flexible and attentive.
We have helped countless agencies and their clients listen successfully to their customers – without allowing the consumer to dictate the creative or tactical parameters. We work with all constituents to support the common goal: truly great work.
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